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Davey's Home Page
Don't Panic!

Davey's Lynx Hobbes... Easter egg. ;-)

The Dailies...

Humorous, Interesting and Useful...


Linux / BSD Section...

Mail Order Sites
Tiger Direct
Computer Geeks Discount Outlet
3-Inch CDR Media
Lowest-Price listing site
Computer price-watching site
Price Watch
Origami Boulder Co.
MegaHaus - Hardware mailorder
Dirt Cheap Drives
PC Connection (Pricey, but next-day deliv!)
Global Micro SCSI
Surplus SCSI
More inexpensive (somewhat) SCSI
Price watchers and vendors

Motorcycle Stuff

MC boards
F6Rider & Message boards
Terry's (shyboy) Valkyrie board
Horse Apple - Specialized Valk products
Hal Greenlee's discount Valk store
RattleBars Mfg
DNK Motorcycle discount parts
Super Magna page Magna Riders Assoc
Hal Greenlee's discount Magna store
Terminal Valkocity - Huge Valkyrie Index site GWRRA (Valk) Message Board
Valk maintenance FAQs
Popular Valk mods
Drill Sgt's Guide to Valk maint (hilarity)

Trader Online - MC Listings
Kelly's Blue Book Value site
Dealer Cost for Hondas
Jardine site
New Enough - MC Leathers
Competition Accessories
Fat Tank

  • Motorcycle Daily
  • Motorcycle World
  • Motorcycle World UK - Road tests
  • MOTORCYCLE ONLINE   / MO Daily News (Like Slashdot)

    Misc. VROC-Related
  • Sherm's (Steve's) Parts
  • Wolfman's VROC site
  • Jeff Sick's VROC (TechTalk via browser, Boards, etc)
  • Odinn's VRA

  • Once in a while
    (Archives only / Infrequent...)

  • Hackles (Tue and Thu)

  • Hell Sweet Hell (Could he REALLY be back??)
  • Exploding Dog

  • ToonBots - Minimalist Humor

  • Krazy Larry (Archives only)

  • Down To Earth - Reaper (A.O.)
  • Original Algernon   Algernon's Dilemma archive (ultraviolence; archives only now. :)

  • Misc. Junq in the Pile...

  • Computer Stupids
  • Slashdot's Evil Twin (Segfault! -- Could be down for the count, but has archives)
  • REC.HUMOR.FUNNY archives

  • The Hamster Dance

    Maps On Us
    Free Trip on Us

    Opera - browser for Linux and Win
    Netscape mirrors
    Netscape FTP

    Humor Archives
    Valkyrie wallpaper!
    Ultimate VMAX site

    Romatnic poetic shtuf
    Gentle Hints for the Smelly and Rude
    Fighting Fair

    Valkyrie Owners Association Intl
    Linux Counter BSD Counter page

    Wanna know how I feel about MicroShaft?
    Documented Win crashes (HUGE)
    Click here!