Linux Tips for SuSE 6.2
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Some diffs between RedHat/Mandrake and SuSE:
RedHat/Mandrake SuSE
Bootup files: /etc/rc.d/rc.local /sbin/init.d/boot.local
Config: Control-panel in X YAST is used for admin configuring and install (text/ncurses based)
Keyboard: SuSE has better default key mappings for Xterms and Bash
Sound: 'sndconfig' RPM for sound cards Trouble with sound as of 6.2
Memory: Installs on 8-Meg systems Needs more than 8 Meg to install (6.2)
Important: Compiled for Pentium and above ONLY (Mandrake) Generic i386 compile
Total package: 6 CD-Roms of software + manual, with ability to save profile during install

Some packages worthy of note:

' yast ' == Yet Another Setup Tool (SuSE's main config editor!)

joe == Joe's Own Editor (jstar)
bc == Command line calculator
cdrecord == Burn stuff to CDROM
deco == Like Midnight Cmdr (mc), but no source code
edy == Editor
gpart == Guess at lost partition table
mc == GNU Midnight Commander (like Norton Commander)
mdutils == Combine several partitions into 1
mswordvw == MS Word Document Viewer
pinfo == Browser, like Lynx
rpmfind == Automatic RPM find and update
sash == Stand Alone Shell (for single boots)
sudo == Do a command as super-user
SVGATextMode (stm) == Change font size for console
tcd == Text mode CD Player
unrar == Unpack ".rar" archives
vche == Hex editor and viewer (Supports display of all ASCII codes!)
wipe == Secure erase (like Norton wipefile)
ytree == Beta port of Xtree Gold!!
ziptool == For Iomega ZIP Drives


3d Chess == 3Dc
3d Pong
xfishtank == Screen saver for X windows
cxhextris == Tetris clone
' Maelstrom ' == Asteroids
manix == Pacman
sasteroids == Another asteroids game
' SpaceBoom ' == Space combat game?
xaos == Fractals
xbl == 3D Tetris
xbomb / xbombs == MINESWEEPER CLONE
xfractint == Fractint port!!
xmountns == Fractal mountain generator
xsnow == Background animation
xsol == Solitaire
xtacy == Wild stuff
xgrab / xgrabsc == Screen grabber
xgrasp == GRASP animation player
xpdf == PDF file viewer

KDE stuff:
aktion == Movie player
caitoo == Web data grabber
karchive == Archive tool
kcmjoy == Joystick config
keasycd == Beta, but useful front end for CDROM burning
kgoldrun == Lode Runner game clone
+ kgredit == Level editor
khexedit == Hex editor
khotkeys == Keyboard remapper
kineted == INETD editor
kmandel == Fractals
kpppload == Check on your PPP connection
kwebwatch == Check pages for updates
iglooftp == Graphical FTP client
ijb == Internet JunkBuster

ncftp == Awesome FTP client

squid == IP Proxy cache - Awesome
Eterm == Enlightenment's Xterm
maxwell == Word processor
bluefish == HTML editor
uc == File manager
tripwire == Intrusion recovery tool
rxvt == Smaller Xterm


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