Linux Tips for Knoppix (3.1) and Debian (Woody)
-=> By Dave Bechtel <=-

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At the boot prompt:
boot: ' -b ' == Emergency, single-user mode w/o any scripts.  Even more bare than ' 1 ' or ' S '.

Useful / interesting progs:

abcde == Rip cd to .ogg format
adjtimex == Adjust system clock
aptitude == Apt program manager, better than dselect for the most part

' apt-cache search feta ':
== feta - simpler interface to APT, dpkg, and other package tools.

bb == Demo (really cool!)

defrag == For ext2, minix

grip == GNOME-based CD-player/ripper/encoder
groovycd == Ncurses based CD player.

rcconf == Configure runlevels
tasksel == Tool for selecting tasks for installation

xwpe == Development environment

SSH stuff:

 ssh-keygen -b 1029 -t dba
 ssh -2 -C -c blowfish -l knoppix

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